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Illinois Is Poised To Dangle Business Incentives To Big Companies — But Is It Worth It? | Better Government Association

The State of Illinois recently reauthorized its EDGE business development financing scheme.

The program, “Economic Development for a Growing Economy,” is part of the efforts to lure jobs to the State.

Illinois spent half a billion dollars on such incentives, the BGA article notes. Yet the program is not without problems or detractors.

Some firms accepted cash but failed to provide the promised jobs.

“I think the whole program needs to be repealed,” said Rep. David McSweeney, a Republican from Barrington Hills who complained the changes were minor and voted against the EDGE reform bill.

As the state prepares other packages, perhaps more attention to supporting small businesses would be just as effective.

As states increasingly jostle for jobs with taxpayer funded enticements, some experts are raising concerns that wooing business with public money is fast-becoming a self-defeating exercise in labor market cannibalism.

“It’s a fool’s game,” said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, a Washington-based nonprofit that researches business incentives. LeRoy said states spend too much on incentives and don’t break even. “Don’t agree to any mega deals,” he advised. “Get back to the basics and pay more attention to small businesses.”

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From Day One: How Fair is Your Job?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners should consider these concerns as they plan for potential employees.

How fair is your job? Take this quiz and find out how your job stacks up in an age of eroding worker rights.

Take the quiz.

If you get the flu can you take a paid sick day? Do you know in advance when you are going work and what you will get paid? Do you have the right to take your employer to court if you are discriminated against or harassed at work? Take this quiz and find out how your job stacks up in an age of eroding worker rights.

September 27, 2018 Chicago Park District Vendor Networking Set

The Meda $1 Million Challenge is now OPEN | Minority Business Development Agency

A competitive grant opportunity was announced by The Minority Business Development Agency.

The deadline is September 12, 2018. 

South Side County Contracting Meeting Set

Wisconsin Online Training: MWBE Certification

An online webinar was announced for August 15, 2018.

WWBIC: Minority & Women’s Business Certification


August 15, 2018 | 12:00 pm CDT – 1:00 pm CDT


This is an online event




This is a free event.

See more information here.

The announcement includes this registration link.

NEWS Boost Founder Commits to Offer $9.95 Unlimited Data Plan for Prepaid Fixed Wireless Broadband Customers

Boost Mobile’s Founder has criticized the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger.

He expressed concern that low-income communities...frequent users of prepaid cellular service…would be disadvantaged by reduced competition.

Boost Mobile (Sprint) and MetroPCS (T-Mobile) together serve 15 million customers in low-income communities.

Peter Adderton, founder and former CEO of Boost Mobile USA remarked:

“I am committed to the buildout of a high-quality 4G fixed wireless broadband network with an unlimited data plan for $9.95 per month. Compared to the $80/month proposition they’ll get from the cable operators and The New T-Mobile’s yet-to-be-built 5G network, that’s a price that the majority of prepaid subscribers can afford in order to keep their family connected to today’s digital economy.”

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